Key Data on Young People

Key Data on Young People

“Key Data on Young People pulls together data from many sources, saving much legwork. I wish every country had a report like it.”

Joel Budd, Social Affairs editor, The Economist

Key Data on Young People 2019

Highlighting the health inequalities faced by young people in the UK
A new blog written by Research Associate Dr Rakhee Shah and Research Lead Dr Ann Hagell has been published by the Health Foundation. The blog looks at the impact that policies on housing, education and employment have on the health inequalities faced by young people.

Supported by the Health Foundation, the Key Data on Young People series brings together all the robust and representative information we can find to get a full impression of young people in the United Kingdom. Every new edition of Key Data on Young People is revised to reflect current issues and concerns about young people’s health.  In this 12th edition of the report we include sections on policy context, indicators of poverty and hardship, burden of disease and international comparisons in key health outcomes. #KeyData19



You can download the full report, or individual chapters:

Key Data on Young People 2019 full report

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Population and overall health

Chapter 3 – Living circumstances, education and employment

Chapter 4 – Health behaviours

Chapter 5 – Sexual health and identity

Chapter 6 – Physical health, longterm conditions and disability

Chapter 7 – Wellbeing and mental health

Chapter 8 – Health promotion and use of health services

Chapter 9 – Inequalities in health outcomes

Chapter 10 – Conclusions and recommendations

Key Data on Young People 2019 PHE Conference Poster

A PowerPoint slide set of all the charts in the report is available free to download and use in your own presentations here.

We also produce a ‘Highlights’ booklet, summarising the main messages and presenting infographics about all aspects of young people’s lives.