The launch of the World Health Organisation’s new Global Action for Measurement of Adolescent health (GAMA) indicators

In May 2024 a set of indicators to improve adolescent health measurement globally was launched.  Ann Hagell AYPH Associate and former Research Lead was a member of the GAMA group that developed them and shares more detail about the work and its importance here.

Regular, robust measurement of young people’s health outcomes, and the factors that determine them, is essential for tracking progress towards improving adolescent health. The World Health Oorganisation (WHO) set up the GAMA advisory group five years ago to improve adolescent health measurement globally, by harmonising and prioritising indicators. The group is a collaboration with UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women, the World Bank Group, and the World Food Programme (WFP).   

GAMA has completed its first work programme and the GAMA Indicators were launched on 30 May 2024 in Geneva.  A thorough process of research and distillation resulted in the selection of 47 indictors, spanning six domains:


  1. programmes, policies and laws
  2. systems performance and interventions
  3. social, cultural, economic, educational, and environmental health determinants
  4. health behaviours and risks
  5. subjective well-being
  6. health outcomes and conditions

The indicators are a mixture of items already included in some standard global surveys, items that most countries will record in their standard systems already, and other items that the Advisory Group felt were essential for full coverage in addition to these.  Piloting has already taken place in a number of countries and the indicators will be subject to an ongoing process of review as more people start to use them.

Author: Ann Hagell 

June 2024