Membership of AYPH is open to all individuals with an interest in young people’s health who share our goals and values. In this blog we asked AYPH member Emma Sunderland what she values about her membership and how membership supports her in her work as a paediatric registrar.


What led you to join AYPH as a member?

I first heard of AYPH following a conference presentation on the Key Data on Young People that’s produced every 2 years. This piece of work has been invaluable in helping me to understand the health needs of young people at a population level and I really wanted to support this work, so I became a member. Since then, I have found out more about the participation and co-production work that AYPH does and use this a lot to help inform my own practice as a paediatrician with an interest in young people’s health.

What is the most helpful aspect of AYPH membership for you?

Being a member helps me to stay up to date with the latest information on Young People’s Health, through the regular newsletter and attending free webinars on important topics.

How does your AYPH membership support your work?

AYPH provides me with the information I need to teach others and advocate for a bigger focus on young people’s health.

Which pieces of AYPH work have you been involved in / would you like to be involved in?

I sit on the Health Inequalities Steering Group, a topic very close to my heart and I’m so glad that AYPH is taking up this challenge. If the opportunity arose, I’d love to be involved in some of the participation and co-production work, AYPH provides a really great example of how to keep young people at the centre of all that they do.

Everyone working to improve young people’s health is welcome to join AYPH. By becoming a member, you can join  others working in the field to learn, share knowledge and get support. Individual membership costs just £45 (+VAT) per year.  If you are studying or are in the first five years of your career in the field of young people’s health you can become a member for just £25 (+VAT) per year.

Emma is a Paediatric Registrar working in London. Her interests include adolescent medicine, mental health and integrated care. She is passionate about addressing health inequalities with a particular focus on children and young people who are in care. In addition to AYPH, Emma is also a member of YPHSIG, PMHA, 4in10 London’s Child Poverty Network and sits on the London School of Paediatrics Trainees Committee, in the Innovation Subgroup. Emma sits on the management board for her local pupil referral unit and has volunteered with young refugees in Greece and Northern France. In her free time, Emma loves to cook, hike and travel.