Self directed learning hub

We have produced a wealth of resources to support you to improve your support for young people affected by sexual violence. The Youth Advisers and young people on this project believe everyone has the capacity to improve and that young people need many more people in their lives who can empathise and uphold their rights. There is something for everyone whether you are a professional working with young people, a family member or a friend of a young person affected by any kind of trauma. Read about what you’ll find here.

Take as much time as you need to complete the modules. They are designed to support self reflection and learning. Thinking about these issues may bring up unwelcome thoughts and feelings. We have provided content warnings as well as signposts at the bottom of this page to sources of support if things feel overwhelming. Or you could try to set up your own study group with friends or colleagues so you have people to talk to and provide support as you go through the curriculum.

Module 1: Understanding young people’s rights

Podcast 1: Spencer

In this episode we share Spencer’s story about overcrowding during lockdown and how young people thought he could be supported


Everyone should be familiar with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child! Learn or review it here

Isabelle’s scenario

This scenario will allow you to put your new knowledge into practice – you will return to Isabelle’s scenario in the other modules

Podcast transcript

We’ve made a full transcript of this module’s podcast available for anyone who has hearing impairments or can’t listen for any reason

Module 2: Understanding trauma and why rights are so important to young people’s recovery

Podcast 2: Dottie

We hear about Dottie’s experience of domestic violence during lockdown and what support young people thought she needed.

Support map

We return to Isabelle’s scenario from Module 1 with this follow up activity

How? How? How?

A thought provoking activity about the support you’ve received and the support you want to provide

(Re)setting boundaries

This physical activity will help you think about the challenges of asserting new boundaries after a traumatic experience

Podcast transcript

We’ve made a full transcript of this module’s podcast available for anyone who has hearing impairments or can’t listen for any reason

Listen to Bessel van der Kolk talk about how trauma affects the body in this On Being podcast 

Module 3: Understanding the spectrum of support 

Podcast 3: Dante

In this episode we share Dante’s story of losing someone important during the pandemic and how young people thought he could be supported

Isabelle’s storyboard

Help Isabelle move on with different sources of support and set some boundaries so nobody gets burned out.

Skills audit

An opportunity to think about turning your skills into concrete support actions for anyone who has experienced trauma

Podcast transcript

Full transcription of our final podcast for anyone with hearing impairments or can’t listen for any reason

Listen to (and watch) ALOK on the Man Enough podcast talking about the urgent need for compassion

Applying a rights-based approach 


See how young survivors on the project interpreted the UNCRC and made it relevant to their support needs. A great resource to help any young person better understand how rights work in practice!

Blog post

Read about what we learned when we delivered workshops to support two groups of young people to develop their own rights-based aproach.

Take the extra step: become a Youth Rights Champion

Show young people that you take a rights-based approach when working with them. Everyone who completes this process will receive a certificate. Limited numbers will also get an exclusive badge to help start much needed conversations about rights (first come, first served)

Application Form

Tell us what you’ve learned from our resources and show us you have completed the activities. We suggest reading through this before applying so you know what evidence you need to provide.

Your approach

Develop your own rights-based approach with a group of young people in your space. Full instructions are provided on the worksheet.

Challenge yourself

Write to your future self to explain what you’ve learned from this process and how you want your practice to change. More information on the application form.

Sources of support

We know that thinking and talking about trauma can be challenging. Sexual violence is a complex issue rooted in structural power that we also know can make you feel overwhelmed. But talking about it can help so we’ve provided links to trusted, anonymous sources of support in case you need them.

Childline – support for anyone under 18 with any issue

Mind – list of support options for all types of abuse

Rape crisis – sexual violence support for anyone 16+

Samaritans – support for anybody feeling overwhelmed 24/7