Policy Consultations

As part of our work we respond to policy consultations relevant to young people’s health both for AYPH and as part of the Young People’s Health Partnership.  Responses to consultations are set out below. Our responses provide recommendations for national policy-makers and aim to improve young people’s outcomes and reduce health inequalities. If you would like to find out more about our policy work and contribute to our consultation responses, please get in touch.

HM Treasury – The new alcohol duty system

Government proposals to reform the alcohol duty system will have implications on the price of alcohol in England. In our response, we outline our support for making high percentage alcohol products more expensive. However, we are concerned that certain products will be cheap and attractive options for young people (e.g. alcopops and cider). Read more in our blog post.


Welsh Government – Tobacco control strategy

We support many of the plans within the Welsh Government’s strategy to create a “smoke free” society by 2030. In our response, we recommend specific interventions that are targeted at groups of young people who are more likely to smoke.


Scottish Parliament – Inquiry into the health and wellbeing of children and young people

In our response, we used evidence from Key Data to highlight the important issues for young people’s health and wellbeing in Scotland.


Commission on young lives – Call for evidence on marginalised groups

England’s former Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has launched a commission focused on supporting marginalised young people. Our response from YPHP highlighted health inequalities experienced by youth offenders and care experienced young people. Read more in our blog post.


NHS England – Core20PLUS5 approach to reducing health inequalities

The clinical priority areas identified by NHSE are not relevant to young people. Our response recommends developing an alternative approach that prioritises the needs of young people. Read more in this blog post.


Department of Health and Social Care – Data saves lives 

This government strategy sets out plans for using data to improve the population’s health. In our response, we recommend using the NHS number as a unique identifier for sharing children and young people’s data between health, social care and education.


Department of Health and Social Care – Use of force in mental health settings

In our response, we support actions to limit the use of force on young people. We recommend trauma informed approaches and appropriate health follow ups for young people.


Department of Health and Social Care – Women’s Health Strategy

Our response from YPHP provides data and evidence on the gender health inequalities experienced by young women. We highlight topics such as autism, gender based violence and menstruation.


Office for National Statistics – Feasibility of UK child abuse prevalence survey

ONS are considering the possibility of developing a prevalence survey on child abuse. In our response, we consider the benefits of improved data collection though discuss challenges relating to safeguarding.


Department of Health and Social Care – Transforming the public health system

The government consulted on the dissolution of Public Health England and the creation of the UK Health Security Agency and the Office for Health Promotion / Office for Health Improvement and Disparities. In our response, we welcomed cross-government approaches to reducing health inequalities and preventing ill health.

Previous policy consultations we have responded to:

NICE – Babies, children and young people’s experiences of healthcare

Department of Health and Social Care – Reforming the Mental Health Act

Office for National Statistics – Inclusive data

Cabinet Office – Changes to public procurement processes

Office for National Statistics – Children’s wellbeing indicators


Advancing young people's health

Advancing young people’s health

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Advocating for young people's health

Advocating for young people’s health

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