This package of tools and resources has been developed to accompany AYPH training on young people’s health inequalities. The resources were last updated on 10/11/22.

This is not a definitive list of resources nor does it represent AYPH endorsement, but it is intended as a useful starting point for health services to improve young people’s access to and experiences of services which will contribute to the reduction of health inequalities.

We expect that there are many examples of good practice that you are aware of, please do let us know of anything we might be missing from this list:

Understanding young people’s health inequalities

Understanding the needs of young people in your area

Creating accessible and youth friendly health services

Assessing young people’s health in your service

Understanding young people’s experiences of services

Identifying groups of young people who are more likely to experience health inequalities

Tackling health inequalities

Engaging young people in service design & feedback

Health inequalities training courses

Young people’s health training courses


Page last updated: 10/11/2022






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    Advancing young people's health

    Advancing young people’s health

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    11.8 million young people in the UK between 10-24
    Advocating for young people's health

    Advocating for young people’s health

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