Emma Rigby, Chief Executive

Earlier this year our fantastic team of staff and trustees set about agreeing a new logo for AYPH, which will be followed by a new website due to be launched in the coming weeks.  I wanted to share our new logo with our networks, to tell you something about the process we have been through as well as how our new logo reflects what we are all about.

From the outset we worked in a collaborative way to agree our new look.  We did much of the idea generation ourselves with support from trustees with communications experience and the design company that has supported us for a number of years.  Bringing together people who understand us and what we stand for to generate ideas and agree our brand was important.  Our research interns were also involved from the outset, meaning that young people were part of the decision making process on an equal footing.

We are really pleased with outcome.  Young people are at the heart of all that we do and so they are also the heart of our new logo. We were set up to focus on improving young people’s health and we continue to make sure that what young people tell us is central to all our projects.  We have excellent participation practitioners and support meaningful youth engagement in academic, policy and statutory settings. We are also guided by our Youth Advisory Panel as well as young people who work with us as interns and youth experts.

As well as highlighting how important young people are to our work the green circle reflects our holistic view of health. From the outset AYPH has been interested in all the factors of a young person’s life that impact on their health.  This includes emphasising the interactions between physical health, mental health and wellbeing as well as the social determinants of health. Our health inequalities programme looks at this complexity to identify the action that we can take for groups of young people facing particular challenges. We believe this holistic approach is key to getting things right for young people.

"reaching out and drawing people into cohesive and collaborative work”

The circle also emphasizes the significance of partnership to AYPH’s work in the young people’s health field.  As the quote from one of our brand development sessions suggests, networking and connecting are so important to us because they are the best way of getting comprehensive change for young people.

So as we continue to work towards our goal of young people having the best possible health we hope our refreshed logo will remind everyone of our drive to advance young people’s health, keeping young people at the centre of all that we do. We look forward to sharing our new website with you which is designed to make sure all our members, partners and networks can find out more about the resources we provide and the opportunities to collaborate with us.