Health inequalities

Some young people experience worse health outcomes than others, which is unfair and can be prevented. Differences in young people’s health are caused by a range of factors, from education to housing. These resources explore young people’s experiences of inequalities and offer interventions to reduce these differences.

Health Inequalities Programme

The Inequalities Policy Programme shines a light on health inequalities experienced by young people, bringing together existing evidence and data, raising the profile of the issue and providing a channel for advocacy. 

Young People’s Toolkit

Cover of 'A fair and equal opportunity to enjoy good health' toolkitIdeas of how young people in the UK can get involved in creating positive changes in their communities. Themes include safety in community places, access to healthy food and physical activities, and equal access to career opportunities and advice.

Resources for schools

illustration of school buildingLesson plans, guidance for teachers and resources for key stages 3-5 that sit alongside the young people’s toolkit, to support teachers to help students explore factors that can affect health and wellbeing and when and how young people can seek support.