Mental health

Poor mental health can affect all aspects of young people’s lives, from educational attainment and employment opportunities to relationships and physical health. These resources promote evidence and data as well as young people’s voices to highlight how important it is to improve mental health support for young people.

Learning from the experts

Young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing
needs following sexual abuse in adolescence

Closing the employment gap

Toolkit for those supporting the employment of 16–25 year olds
experiencing mental health problems.

Rethinking support

Rethinking how we support the parents and carers of young people with mental health: policy and practice issues and emerging solutions briefing coverRethinking support
for the parents and carers of young
people with mental health

GCSE attainment

How does poor mental health in the early years of secondary school impact on GCSE attainment?

Participation in sport

Scoping review of the connections between young people’s mental health and sport participation