Young People’s Voices

We have developed resources with young people on a number of topics using participatory and creative methods. We are experts in delivering safe, meaningful participation work with young people who have experienced violence and trauma and those who face health inequalities. If you are interested in learning more about our methods, check out our resources about engaging with young people.

Climate change Inquiry

Advocating for young people's healthReport and poster/board game from our youth-led Inquiry into how climate change is affecting young people’s health.

Discussion guide

Discussion guide for adults and professionals to support groups of young people to contribute responses to our youth-led inquiry into the effects of climate change on young people’s health.

Clinics for excess weight report

cover of the experiences of young people and their families living with excess weight engagement reportThemes from engagement work with young people and their families living with excess weight. 

Young people and ethics

Produced with Common Room, this briefing explores young people’s perspectives on the ethical issues when they are involved in engagement and co-production.

Asthma engagement report

Children, young people and families experiences of chronic asthma management and careThemes from engagement work with children, young people and families about chronic asthma management and care.

Young people’s report

Accessible report from youth led research into the lives of young people in Kensington and Chelsea

Report on peer research

Full report on the youth led peer research project in Kensington and Chelsea

Are you OK?

Report from sci-fi animation project with young people from CHIVA creating an ideal world for young people living with HIV.

First 1001 days of adolescence

Report from sci-fi animation project to create an ideal world for young people in early adolescence.

Peer support guide

Developed by young people for young people to help them support each other.

Acute Care

Participation project with young people to define the best acute care services

Acute care flowchart

A best practice guide for delivering supportive, young people friendly acute care services created by young people.