Violence and trauma

Violence and trauma are major public health issues that can create long term negative health outcomes. We work with young people directly affected by these issues to find out what they need from professionals to best support them now to improve their future health.

We’re All Right

Visit our learning hub all about rights-based sexual violence support

We’re All Right

Our survivor led, rights-based approach to supporting young people affected by sexual violence

Quote from a young person

Learning from the experts

Young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing
needs following sexual abuse in adolescence

Rights during lockdown

A rights-based, survivor led approach to coping with lockdown

Youth knife crime

Approximately 5% of 13-15 year olds think their friends carry weaponsExploring what taking a public health approach to youth knife crime really means

Peer support guide

Developed by young people for young people to enable them to support each other

Be Healthy respect leaflet

Young people produced guide to respecting young people affected by sexual exploitation

Be Healthy evaluation

Evaluation of our participation project to identify the unmet health needs of young people affected by CSE